Why You Should See Colombia

Cast regardless of your obsolete thoughts, similar to tranquilize wars and hoodlums, and you’ll see that Colombia is a country overflowing with certainty and hurrying recklessly into a more serene and prosperous future. In this place where there is contrasts, you’ll experience snow-covered Andean pinnacles, tropical Amazonian wildernesses, turquoise Caribbean coasts, and two sun-kissed deserts. You’ll likewise discover a large group of terrific attractions at the spots in the middle, from the clamoring urban communities of Cartagena and Medellin to the tranquil pioneer towns of Salento and Mompox. 


Cartagena is the crown gem of Colombia’s Caribbean coast and extraordinary compared to other safeguarded pioneer objections in the Americas. Go for a walk through the memorable walled city, and you may feel as though you’ve ventured back on schedule to an alternate period. 


Bogotá may be the Colombian capital, however it’s the more modest and more sensible city of Medellin that will in general catch the hearts of guests. Medellin was named the most perilous city on the planet in the mid 1990s, however a fourth of a century later, it has gained notoriety for something completely unique: development. 

Eje Cafetero 

The world’s third-biggest maker of espresso beans, Colombia is a fabulous country for tastings and visits. By far most of creation happens in the subtropical Andean slopes west of Bogota between the little urban communities of Armenia, Pereira, and Manizales. This locale, known as the Eje Cafetero (or Coffee Axis), is home to a developing number of espresso estates that have opened up their tasks to people in general as of late for visits, tastings, and extravagant homestead stays. 


Picture the Amazon, and Colombia may not be the primary nation to ring a bell – which is odd, on the grounds that about 33% of the country is covered in its thick (and frequently impervious) wildernesses. The capital of the tremendous Amazon Basin is the little wilderness town of Leticia, which sits along the banks of the strong Amazon River, right where Colombia knocks facing Brazil and Peru.

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The Best Hotels in Chicago for First-Time Travelers

Chicago is definitely a charming city. Talk about the wonderful scenery of the cityscape and the variety of tourist attractions. If you plan to have a vacation in this wonderful city, here are some hotels that you might want to check out.

LondonHouse Chicago

If you prefer a location that is close to landmarks and magnificent buildings, you would love to stay at LondonHouse. It has vista rooms with glass walls that allow you to peak through the magnificent river. This hotel has a dark wood tone but the rooms are modern allowing you to enjoy a wonderful stay. We love the masculine tone and the black-and-white photos that make it more professional.

Trump International Hotel & Tower

This modern building features a luxurious stay within the city. It has a swimming pool at the 14th floor where everyone can relax plus an 11-treatment room spa. Although the room is quite bi and a bit crowded, you can safely store your personal belongings in the locker room. We love the more casual setting and huge rooms with floor-length glass windows that give you unparalleled views of the Chicago River and Skyline.

Kimpton Hotel

Located near the Riverwalk and the Chicago River bridges, this hotel is one of the favorite hotels of visiting tourists. It has a conventional Kimpton flair interior but the rooms are classy. Some of the perks that you can enjoy in the hotel include an evening wine hour and a free Wi-Fi. There is a decent gym for tourists who want to stay fit while on a vacation.

Four Seasons Hotel

Located near Lake Michigan, Four Seasons offers a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. It has huge rooms and has concierges who are skilled in accommodating guests. You will never feel homesick at Four Seasons hotel considering the vast bedrooms stellar skyline views. Each room has a living room and a wall that separates them.  Smaller rooms have dining areas making it feel more like you’re in your home. This place is definitely a home away from home.

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A Weekend in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is often known simply as L.A. and is currently the most populous city in Southern California. However, amidst the busy lifestyle of this place, it offers hundreds of attractions for tourists.

There is no single way to experience Los Angeles. This is why we have compiled a short list of tips and tricks to get the most of your time when visiting this magnificent city.

Visit the Metro and Wander

 Taking the public transportation is the easiest route to the metro and probably the best way to see a lot of attractions without worrying about traffic and parking. You can check out some sporting events or concert Staples Center or go for some games at Pasadena.  If you happen to visit Los Angeles on New Year, the Metro offers free rides between 9pm and 2am on New Years’ Eve.

Visit the World Class Museum for Free

There are many world class museums in Los Angeles that you can visit for free. Most of the museums like Getty Center and Getty Villa, and the California Science Center in Exposition Park offer free admissions at least one day a month.

Chance Upon Some TV Show Taping

Did you know that you can attend some of the popular TV show taping in Los Angeles? If you want to see how the taping usually goes in 2 Broke Girls or Jimmy Kimmer Live, you can actually search for free tickets online. Who knows you might catch a great deal and make one of your dreams come true.

Watch Free Concerts

You don’t have to spend a thousand dollar to watch concerts in Los Angeles. While some concerts can really be expensive, there are free concerts in the city that offer the same fun as Hollywood concerts like the KCRW Summer Nights series. It offers free outdoor music from Pasadena to the Pacific. Another is the Twilight Concert at the Santa Monica pier. Experiencing at least one of these concerts will give you a fun vibe that Los Angeles has to offer. Of course, don’t forget to take some photos of your great moments with local artists and musicians. Every memory in Los Angeles is definitely worth treasuring.

Treat Yourself with a Relaxing Spa

If you think Los Angeles is all about expensive hotels and resorts, you are completely wrong. In fact, you can actually treat your day a relaxing day at the spa without breaking your budget. Head to Koreatown and you will be met with a number of amazing spas. The Wi Spa, for example, offers hot baths, steam rooms, saunas, and pool for only $25. You can grab this chance to rejuvenate and detoxify yourself from the hustle bustle of the city.

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5 Things to Do on a Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean Cruise is located along the Adriatic Sea, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast lends itself perfectly to cruising. There are several ways to explore Croatia, whether you are looking for outdoor adventure, to explore the local gastronomy, or to relax on a beautiful beach. 

Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik has landed on more travelers’ radar thanks to its role as King’s Landing in the television series “Game of Thrones.” Head into the oldest section of Dubrovnik to see the fictional capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Some essential sites include the Lovrijenac Fortress, which is located just outside the medieval walls. Called Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar, this fortress dates back to the 11th century and represents Blackwater Bay in the series. There are plenty of other sites in the area as well, including the Jesuit Staircase used in season five and St. Dominic Street where many market scenes were filmed.

Go to a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The old town of Dubrovnik is listed into UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been dubbed by many as the Pearl of the Adriatic. The medieval walls are still intact and surround the city. The walls stretch just over 6,300 feet and have 16 strategically placed watchtowers.

Go-Wine Tasting

Croatia is known for its wines, and there are plenty of opportunities to go wine tasting in the region. There are four central wine regions in Croatia, which can be subdivided into 12 smaller areas. It may surprise you to learn that Croatia has over 60 distinct types of grapes and hundreds of wineries. In the local market, white wines are more popular than red. You should also try the sweet dessert wine, Prošek.

Get Out on the Water

The Adriatic Sea lends itself to plenty of on-the-water adventures. Book an adventurous excursion where you can go kayaking around the Lapad Peninsula. For something more low key, consider a sailing and beach break excursion where you will sail along Dubrovnik’s Old Town. And then, stop on either Copacabana Beach or Sunset Beach, both of which offer sheltered coves that are perfect for a little relaxation before heading back to the ship.

Explore Croatia’s Gastronomy Scene

When it comes to Croatian cuisine, you will find it’s primarily divided up into three regions – Kvarner, Istria, and Dalmatia. On your Norwegian cruise, you’ll likely be visiting the Dalmatian Coast where you will find a variety of amazing eats. Popular dishes involve seafood, pasta, local grilled fish, crackling pig, local olives, and fresh anchovies.

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Top Attractions to See and Do at Florida’s Disney World

Disney World is Orlando’s best tourist destination. This is one of the most famous travel places in the U.S. It has four theme parks and dozens of hotels, restaurants, and shops, there’s an endless source of entertainment for travelers of any age. Disney World is an entertainment complex in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida, in the United States, near the cities Orlando and Kissimmee.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad offers family-friendly thrills with beautiful scenery to observe along the way. Finally, it manages to pack a lot in the form of gags and details even though guests pass them so quickly. There’s a lot to Big Thunder that makes it endearing to Disney fans, and I think that makes it worthy of inclusion on this list.

Kilimajaro Safaris

If Disney would like to think the Animal Kingdom is not a zoo, this is the best possible intersection of theme park and zoo “attractions.” It’s a safari with fantastic presentation and production value, and dammit, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes “just” a well-done safari without a convoluted backstory is good enough.

Our group of friends and co-workers (from Chandler Painting Pros) voted this attraction as our favorite. It’s a great safari park.

Spaceship Earth

You feel as if you witnessed reenactments of significant moments in history, and have a greater sense of how communication has sized so many aspects of humanity. In that regard, Spaceship Earth retains the original aim of EPCOT Center and proves edutainment is viable in a theme park.

The attraction interestingly presents this history and successful transitions from one ‘moment’ to another to effectively tell this story. Spaceship Earth goes downhill after these vignettes reach the information age, but it’s still an outstanding attraction.

Avatar Flight of Passage

This is the newest attraction here is also likely to be the most controversial entry onto this list. This is not due to its use of Avatar, but rather the heavy reliance on technology and visual effects that can become dated.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Regardless of its truncated duration, Magic Kingdom’s Pirates of the Caribbean is an all-time classic. The place transports guests to an era when pirates pillaged the Caribbean, putting guests amid the action and misadventures.

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What are the Best Things to Do in Holland

Holland has been one of Europe’s great centers of arts and sciences, with the resulting treasures almost spilling from its top-class museums. Spontaneously managing to combine tradition and invention, you’ll find windmills and tulips, but also groundbreaking architecture and progressive culture. You’ll never be short of things to do in Holland with the top 12.

Get on your bike

Stand for just a few moments on any street, and you’ll soon realize how vital cycling here. Mild weather, suitable infrastructure, and flat terrain make the Holland perfect for cycling. With over 32,000 kilometers of bike paths spread across the country. Biking is one of the best ways to get under the country’s skin. Here bike rental schemes can be found in even the smallest towns.

Explore Amsterdam’s artistic heritage

When it comes to what to see in Holland, no visit can ignore artistic heritage. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Ver Meer, and Frans Hals have all walked Amsterdam’s streets. From galleries that display the creative culture of the Dutch spanning over 800 years to contemporary musicians, Amsterdam stays among the most effective places worldwide to indulge in fantastic artwork.

The Windmills

Much like the canals, windmills are symbolic to Dutch history and make up a big part of the traditional Holland landscape. In fact, at one point in time, there were over 10,000 windmills across the Holland that were used for all kinds of industrial purposes like pumping water to grinding grains. Today, there are about one thousand windmills left. 

Enjoy tulip mania

The Dutch had loved tulips because of the 17th century when a lot of money was invested in new light bulb selections. Every March, the nation ruptured into colors as large areas of tulips begin to bloom. You can go to Holland during deriving from very early March to May. Capture the Tulip Mania as you visit numerous tulip gardens as well as witness flower ceremonies in Amsterdam and also Keukenhof, or see the Tulip Museum.

The Hague’s architecture

Any list of things to do in Holland must include a visit to the national seat of government in The Hague. Although not the capital, The Hague is home to the Cabinet of the Holland, the Supreme Court, the Council of the State and the UN’s International Court of Justice. Many governing institutions located in The Hague. The city has developed a refined culture with gourmet restaurants, cafes and an international community of expats while also being home to traditional churches dating back several centuries.

Amusement parks

The mild-mannered Dutch aren’t afraid to scare themselves witless, and a visit to an amusement park uncovers another side to the Dutch psyche. There are quite a several amusement parks to visit in Holland which vary in size and attractions. Most amusement parks are located away from the cities, allowing for a great day trip. 

History of the second world war

Holland and its population suffered terribly during the Second World War. Though harrowing at times, it is a period that helped shape the liberal-minded democracy of today. History buffs can visit some of the prime WWII locations of the Holland including the Anne Frank Haus, war museums, and battlefields where the great war was fought.

Eat, drink, and be merry!

Exploring the culinary heritage of Holland is easy enough wherever you find yourself. From hearty pub snacks that go well with a pint of Belgian beer to raw herring or gooey waffles; delve deeper and learn the history of some of its most famous exports. And if there is one food you shouldn’t miss, get your hands on some of the most famous Dutch cheeses.

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How to Pack Like a Pro on your Next Vacation

You might be traveling a lot, and you might know by now what to pack. However, do you sometimes forgot something at home, or didn’t thought of something? Then, you don’t actually pack like a pro. With these three things to remember, you will be able to pack like a pro on your next trip and all the trips you are taking. Making sure that you don’t pack too much and that you don’t forget something at home.

Universal travel plug

If you are going overseas a lot, then you will need to have a universal travel plug. And, you need to make sure that it is always staying in your suitcases. Even, if you are back home, and unpacked. 

By leaving it in your suitcase, you will be making sure that you will never make the mistake to forget it at home. A mistake that can cost you a lot of money at the end of the day. It is much better to make sure that you are going to have your universal travel plug with you. Always. And, therefore it needs to stay in your suitcase. 

The lighter the suitcase the more you can pack inside

Speaking of a suitcase. We all know that those suitcases with the wheels are so much easier to carry around. And, that you don’t need to struggle carrying heavy suitcases that are breaking your back.

However, did you think for one moment about how heavy these suitcases really are? How much of your available weight these suitcases are taking up without even having any clothes inside? This might be the reason why you are always over the weight limit when you are traveling overseas. And, why you need to pay penalties for having a suitcase that is overweight. 

Make a list beforehand and stick to it

Make a list of all the things that you need to take with you. And, do this a couple of weeks before your travel starts. Think carefully, do the necessary research and make sure that you have everything on the list that needs to go with you.

Now with that list, you start packing. Don’t add anything to the list. Stay true to the list and trust in yourself. Make sure that you don’t pack more than needed. This can be a great way to ensure that you don’t pack more than you need. However, this can be a challenge to stay with the list and not to add something.

With these packing tips, you will pack like a pro. Each and every time. And, you will not make any mistakes that can cause you to forget something important at home. 

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