What are the Best Things to Do in Holland

Holland has been one of Europe’s great centers of arts and sciences, with the resulting treasures almost spilling from its top-class museums. Spontaneously managing to combine tradition and invention, you’ll find windmills and tulips, but also groundbreaking architecture and progressive culture. You’ll never be short of things to do in Holland with the top 12.

Get on your bike

Stand for just a few moments on any street, and you’ll soon realize how vital cycling here. Mild weather, suitable infrastructure, and flat terrain make the Holland perfect for cycling. With over 32,000 kilometers of bike paths spread across the country. Biking is one of the best ways to get under the country’s skin. Here bike rental schemes can be found in even the smallest towns.

Explore Amsterdam’s artistic heritage

When it comes to what to see in Holland, no visit can ignore artistic heritage. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Ver Meer, and Frans Hals have all walked Amsterdam’s streets. From galleries that display the creative culture of the Dutch spanning over 800 years to contemporary musicians, Amsterdam stays among the most effective places worldwide to indulge in fantastic artwork.

The Windmills

Much like the canals, windmills are symbolic to Dutch history and make up a big part of the traditional Holland landscape. In fact, at one point in time, there were over 10,000 windmills across the Holland that were used for all kinds of industrial purposes like pumping water to grinding grains. Today, there are about one thousand windmills left. 

Enjoy tulip mania

The Dutch had loved tulips because of the 17th century when a lot of money was invested in new light bulb selections. Every March, the nation ruptured into colors as large areas of tulips begin to bloom. You can go to Holland during deriving from very early March to May. Capture the Tulip Mania as you visit numerous tulip gardens as well as witness flower ceremonies in Amsterdam and also Keukenhof, or see the Tulip Museum.

The Hague’s architecture

Any list of things to do in Holland must include a visit to the national seat of government in The Hague. Although not the capital, The Hague is home to the Cabinet of the Holland, the Supreme Court, the Council of the State and the UN’s International Court of Justice. Many governing institutions located in The Hague. The city has developed a refined culture with gourmet restaurants, cafes and an international community of expats while also being home to traditional churches dating back several centuries.

Amusement parks

The mild-mannered Dutch aren’t afraid to scare themselves witless, and a visit to an amusement park uncovers another side to the Dutch psyche. There are quite a several amusement parks to visit in Holland which vary in size and attractions. Most amusement parks are located away from the cities, allowing for a great day trip. 

History of the second world war

Holland and its population suffered terribly during the Second World War. Though harrowing at times, it is a period that helped shape the liberal-minded democracy of today. History buffs can visit some of the prime WWII locations of the Holland including the Anne Frank Haus, war museums, and battlefields where the great war was fought.

Eat, drink, and be merry!

Exploring the culinary heritage of Holland is easy enough wherever you find yourself. From hearty pub snacks that go well with a pint of Belgian beer to raw herring or gooey waffles; delve deeper and learn the history of some of its most famous exports. And if there is one food you shouldn’t miss, get your hands on some of the most famous Dutch cheeses.

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