The Different Types of Yoga – Similarities and Differences

01/13/2019 Off By Pedro Castillo


The other day I obtained a phone call from a possible yoga exercise trainee. She was worried, overworked and tired. Life was obtaining her down. A job associate recommended her to try yoga exercise as a way to find remedy for her concerns as well as to improve her energy. listened to her recall her day-to-day battle -from waking up feeling exhausted, anxious and also clock-watching regarding getting her children to child care promptly; feeling unprepared for her once a week Group Conferences as well as the manic rush to pick her children up from childcare.

I remembered how nervous I utilized to feel working as a Probation Officer, managing hefty workloads with a young family. I rejoiced she was applying to tackle her tension. Nonetheless, what came next was a shock. She claimed “seeking a yoga exercise class” was including in her stress and anxiety!


There are a lot of various styles and types of yoga exercise promoted, that my potential student really did not understand where to begin. She was uncertain what design of yoga would certainly suit her way of living and also support her wish to relax, really feel a lot more in control as well as in addition to points.


If this sounds like you after that I hope the following info will certainly provide you a short overview of the different styles of yoga as well as the resemblances as well as differences in between them.


What Does “Yoga Uppsala” Mean? The standard significance of words ‘yoga’ originates from Sanskrit yuj implying to yoke, join, union, join together as one. In today’s climate, yoga is viewed as a practical means to help you achieve a state of balance, sense of harmony and union right into your life.


What Are The Labels Of The Different Styles Of Yoga? There are many different designs of yoga exercise available. Classes vary from extremely vibrant physically challenging styles to gentle streaming corrective techniques. Depending upon your particular requirement, the a lot more popular designs are:


Hatha Yoga exercise: Hatha yoga is the common term used to explain the various types of yoga as well as is the most preferred type exercised in the west. Words “Hatha” is a Sanskrit word, comprised of “Ha” – sunlight and also “that” – moon. So, Hatha yoga essentially means sun and moon joining together as one. The sun and also moon represents the masculine/active (sunlight) as well as feminine/receptive (moon/lunar) concepts as the opposing polarities of life. The suggestion is to find the balance between the two opposing high qualities which fits your specific requirements. In between a very literally difficult method and also a very gentle style. When these are in balance, you have perfect health, power and vigor. This creates the core of what the majority of yoga exercise trainees seek.


Sivananda Hatha Yoga exercise: This style of yoga exercise focus on 12 basic classic poses, leisure and breathing exercises likewise develop a key part of a course. A lot of Sivananda classes will certainly consist of an element of chanting and spiritual discourse. Founded by Swamiji Sivananda, this form of yoga is taken into consideration a fairly mild to moderate speed as well as great introduction into yoga exercise.


Iyengar Yoga Exercise: BKS Iyengar is the renowned yoga educator associated with this design of yoga. In Iyengar yoga, excellent emphasis is positioned on placement and uses props to support the body accomplish the postures. Once again, Iyengar yoga is considered a great introduction to yoga, particularly with its solid focus on pose alignment and also anatomy.


Astanga Yoga Exercise: Thought about a more arduous type of yoga and also absolutely a lot more physically tough than Sivananda or Iyengar, Astanga yoga exercise is excellent for those that like a physical vibrant method. You are instructed a sequence and also in time motivated to self practice. It is ideal matched to pupils who are affordable fit and also in good health and also in my sight, looking for a “exercise”. Pattabhi Jois is the creator of this style of yoga.


Bikram Yoga: Some people describe Bikram Yoga exercise as “Warm Yoga” as it is taught in areas which are warmed to at the very least 38 degree Celsius. The room is as warm as a sauna. As a beginner, it is vital you are in reasonable health and feel comfy in finding out yoga exercise in a hot setting. You will sweat a lot. Established by Bikram Choudury, this system of yoga includes you finding out 26 basic stances.


What Are The Resemblances In Between These Yoga Exercise Styles?


No matter the “style” of yoga exercise you selected, all yoga exercise course includes a blend of the adhering to four major areas:


Stretching Exercises/Poses known as asanas.


Breathing Practices known as pranayama designed to cleanse the body and also calm the nerves as well as emotions. Some institutions of yoga area a lot of focus on finding out breathing workouts. So if that passions you, selected a course where that is educated.


Guided Relaxation to launch body stress and also promote a feeling of well-being. Again, get in touch with your instructor how much focus is put on that in her course.


Reflection as well as Shouting -Meditation aids to calm and also concentrate your mind as well as motivate you to experience a sense of inner peace. If you want meditation, again get in touch with your instructor exactly how that is structured right into the class and also what kind of meditation is educated. Some institutions of yoga exercise do not include chanting whereas others do.


Conclusion Given the popularity of yoga exercise courses on offer, it is reasonable that my possible student felt confused concerning what class to sign up with. I would certainly suggest, experiment with a couple of taster classes or workshops, speak to yoga exercise pupils – they are a friendly lot. At the end of the day, you have to select a class and design of yoga where you feel comfy with the instructor and count on your inner knowledge.