Top Attractions to See and Do at Florida’s Disney World

Disney World is Orlando’s best tourist destination. This is one of the most famous travel places in the U.S. It has four theme parks and dozens of hotels, restaurants, and shops, there’s an endless source of entertainment for travelers of any age. Disney World is an entertainment complex in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida, in the United States, near the cities Orlando and Kissimmee.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad offers family-friendly thrills with beautiful scenery to observe along the way. Finally, it manages to pack a lot in the form of gags and details even though guests pass them so quickly. There’s a lot to Big Thunder that makes it endearing to Disney fans, and I think that makes it worthy of inclusion on this list.

Kilimajaro Safaris

If Disney would like to think the Animal Kingdom is not a zoo, this is the best possible intersection of theme park and zoo “attractions.” It’s a safari with fantastic presentation and production value, and dammit, there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes “just” a well-done safari without a convoluted backstory is good enough.

Our group of friends and co-workers (from Chandler Painting Pros) voted this attraction as our favorite. It’s a great safari park.

Spaceship Earth

You feel as if you witnessed reenactments of significant moments in history, and have a greater sense of how communication has sized so many aspects of humanity. In that regard, Spaceship Earth retains the original aim of EPCOT Center and proves edutainment is viable in a theme park.

The attraction interestingly presents this history and successful transitions from one ‘moment’ to another to effectively tell this story. Spaceship Earth goes downhill after these vignettes reach the information age, but it’s still an outstanding attraction.

Avatar Flight of Passage

This is the newest attraction here is also likely to be the most controversial entry onto this list. This is not due to its use of Avatar, but rather the heavy reliance on technology and visual effects that can become dated.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Regardless of its truncated duration, Magic Kingdom’s Pirates of the Caribbean is an all-time classic. The place transports guests to an era when pirates pillaged the Caribbean, putting guests amid the action and misadventures.

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